Virtual study-buddy for your kids everyday education.

Portable School

Whoopedu mobile application is imagined as a helping tool in education and upbringing of generation Z. Kids will together with Whoopy, an alien native to the Moon, learn about basic life needs and how to execute them, how to behave nicely and enjoy immersive and new educational approach with 18+ educational games covering topics such as logic, language, maths, art, biology, anatomy, geography and many many more.

School for Each
& Everyone

As the idea of education for everyone everywhere is at the core of the application, Whoopedu provides numerous audio and textual content in different languages and with different cultures in its background. Whoopedu app is also actively participating in the solving of the problem of kids education in the ongoing EU migrational crisis and as such provides content in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi etc. which will together with content in English, German, French serve as a source of education and fun moments that they desperately need but also a help them with better and faster integration into Western society. For all these reasons Whoopedu comes into three packages: Balkan, International, Refugee.

In the Balkan package both kids and parents will enjoy educational content in BHS languages done with the help of parents, teachers and other professionals in the field of education.

In the International package parents and kids from all around the globe will be able enjoy immersive and fun educational material in their own respective languages.

In the Refugee package Whoopedu will provide plenty of adequate educational material parallely in the Eastern and European languages providing a service of not only educational tool but also translation and language learning tool.


Mobile Application


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All the best features

20+ edGames on one place!

Everything necessary for kids education and upbrining at one place.

Virtual study-buddy

Constant communication with Whoopy which will result in more effective learning.


Kids will not only do the tasks virtually but will also be encouraged to do them in real life.


Whole application will be followed with reward system which will act as stimulus.


Many aspects of the game including Whoopy are fully customizable which will lead to more personal feel.

Fresh content

Constant analytics traction and content exchange and creation.

Interactive Ads system

Advertisments and product placements feel like a part of the game.

Social impact

20% of all sales go directly to humanitarian purposes.

Balkan Package



20+ educational games


BHS Languages

Constant content addition (subscription)

Parental tips and tricks (subscription)

International Package




20+ educational games

No advertisements

10+ Languages

20% sales going to humanitarian purposes

Analytics software providing best experience

Constant content addition (subscription)

Parental tips and tricks (subscription)

Refugee Package



20+ educational games

No advertisements

Arabic, Urdu, Farsi etc.

Constant content creation