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Educational platform for children aged 2 to 8 which, in its essence, help parents with education of their children. All of the applications revolve around a character called "Whoopy", an alien from a moon that comes to earth in search of friendship and science. Children from the very beginning get into an emotional relationship with whoopy and work on maintaining it through 4 categories: hygiene, food (siteness), science, and social abilities. By maintaining the character children actually learn about all spheres of life, and so through hygiene they learn about teeth washing, bathing, cleanliness of rooms, food category teach the about food pyramid, about proteins, vitamins, etc. While the last two categories of science and social abilities contain 18 mini-games based on a school curriculum. The children learn mathematics, writing, geography through interactive games, but also learn about beahviour, nice words and express their creativity through games such as drawing, piano, etc. Through these games, children also get rewards the form of food that will later be used in food category, but also in the form of clothes (pants, t-shirts, jackets, caps, goggles), which will enable children to costumise Whoopy at will and thus deepen the emotional connection.

App gives huge importance to creativity, interactivity and logic and also provides number of features including voice over and localization, which will hopefully help with the education of the kids with special needs, namely kids with visual impairments, kids with refugee backgrounds and overall, kids with the most need of education.



Abdulmelik Pehlić

CEO & iOS Developer

Eldin Odobašić

Designer & Animator

Abdulmedžid Pehlić

Android developer

Davud Kosovac


Armin Fehrić

Web Developer

Enver Bakija

Full-stack Developer

Meldin Šljivić

Video editor

Lamija Palalija


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